Friday, June 22, 2012

I am so awful at blogs!

So, I am finally going to give this thing another shot!  If my mom can do a blog, I certainly should be able to!  It has been about a year since I last started this blog, or even posted a thing on it!  Here are some things that I really do enjoy about this past year:

  • Brandon Graduated from the U!!!!  Great job love!!
  • Brandon got a 4.0 his last semester!!  WOOT!
  • I got great grades, even if I had to take a week off for surgery.
  • Brandon says he loves me every night.
  • We have not missed a singe night praying our entire marriage!
  • We saw WICKED!!!
  • We went to New York for our Honeymoon!  
  • We met some great people up in SLC!
  • We moved back to Provo.
  • Both my brother and sister married their sweethearts!  
  • We thank the Lord each day for eternal families, and that we found one another!
  • Having amazing parents and families that help us at the drop of a hat!
  • There are many more, but I do not want to bore you all with a list of hundreds of things!

Life is something that we should never take for granted!  Each day should be lived so that you are trying to improve and grow with each breath you take.  Love is something that should always be at the forefront of your life: Love of Heavenly Father, Love of yourself, Love of your significant other, Love of your family, and Love of your friends.  If you have love, nothing can happen that you cannot handle. 

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  1. Sorry for the typeo everyone!!! Its we haven't missed a SINGLE night praying.....oops!