Friday, June 22, 2012

This is the something that I said that I would post about.  It is the story that our sealer told us before we got married for time and all eternity.  It is such a great example to me of what a marriage should really be about, sacrifice for each other.  I hope you enjoy this!!

A Pearl of Great Price[1]

In Tahiti there are divers that search for a mother of pearl oyster.  They dive hundreds of feet and have to gather as many as they can in one breath, while keeping their minds on the fact that they need to give themselves time to get back to the surface.  Usually there are two or three deaths a season because divers become too greedy.  As a diver collects the oysters their goggles press tight against their eyes, the only light is given off of the reflection of the shells.  In a batch of one hundred oysters you would be hard pressed to get one pearl (which is worth enough money to buy a gas station). 

The pearl is the only jewel made out of sacrifice.  The oyster, as it breaths in water will, in a small chance, get a grain of sand in its womb.  The oyster is in extreme pain and secretes a special type of mucus called nacre and coats the sand attempting to relieve the pain.  It continues to do that for many years, in constant anguish, till a pearl is formed.

The same is true for you.  You are the oyster, and your spouse is the pearl.  Each time you give of yourself in sacrifice, you help culture your “pearl.”  Through years of sacrifice you will find your beloved, as well as your love for each other, has become a pearl of great price.

[1] Story told to Brandon and Kelsey Norton on the day of their wedding by the sealer, Brother Cave.

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